“One Less Day (Dying Young)” is so good it could be from the 70’s..a hero/anthem vibe, a life-affirming message, easy to understand  clever lyrics:

I’m not afraid of getting older

I’m one less day from dying young

I see the light go past my shoulder

I’m one less day from dying young

Tight, clean production, and catchy hooks are gentle reminders for listeners to cherish time– a recurring theme in pop music: Frank Sinatra/”Young at Heart,” the Grateful Dead/”Touch of Grey,” Tim McGraw/”Live Like You Were Dying,” Bruce Springsteen/“Glory Days.”

Within weeks of  release, “One Less Day (Dying Young)” raced up the music charts; this week it’s #15 on Adult Top 40 and #21 on Adult Contemporary.

Rob Thomas is lead singer of Matchbox 20, but he also goes solo. “One Less Day (Dying Young)“ is the first single from his new album “Chip Tooth Smile” (release date: April 26th).