How big is singer/songwriter/rapper/producer Post Malone?

Well, last July we flipped over his “Goodbye,” currently charting  #4 on Top 40 and now he has ANOTHER song, “Circles,” that is also in the Top 40, ranked #6.

Already a huge international success, “Circles” may be Malone’s most straight ahead pop sounding effort to date — it’s on pace to hit #1 before the end of the year.

The song is subdued but intense; mid-tempo. The lyrics are smart-ish but not insightful.

Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame ’cause we can’t let go

“Circles” shares a musical mood with Lindsey Buckingham’s 1981 “Trouble” (which also  enjoyed world wide success). Both songs share a similar musical flow and rhythm–an undulating wave that’s a melange of chorus, musical instruments and voice.

The video that accompanies “Circles” shows a bleak and ancient battlefield, with Malone, dressed in armor, walking through in a shocked stupor.  Since his song is about a love affair, shall we conclude that this is his take on male/female relations? A  burned-out  battlefield? Let’s hope not, becasuse he’s only 24 years old, and  a roaring success:  he’s  sold 60 million records in the US. alone, and has been nominated for four Grammy awards.