Brothers Adam, Jack and Ryan Met, collectively known as AJR, have hit their stride. After 15 years together, the band hit it big last year with “Bang,” which charted on both pop and rock charts (BMU 12/7/2020).

Their newest, “Way Less Sad” has a hook filled beat, backed by explosive horns and could possibly outdo “Bang” in popularity.  It’s message is, more or less, that the Corona virus  pandemic was tough on everyone, and suggests that times will get better, and most importantly, to be grateful for small moments of happiness.

Well, I can’t fall asleep and I’m losin’ my mind
‘Cause it’s half-past three and my brain’s on fire
I’ve been countin’ sheep but the sheep all died
And I’m tryin’ too hard but I can’t not try

I wake up and I’m not so mad at Twitter now
Livin’ sucks but it’s suckin’ just a little now
And I don’t wanna cry no more
So I set my bar real low

Artistically, the brothers felt the perfect close for their song was a sample, at the very end,  of Simon & Garfunkles “My Little Town.”

“Way Less Sad” is charting on multiple formats:  #5 on Alternative, #17 on Adult Alternative and #30 on Top 40.