Nessa Barrrett is an 18 y/o social media star and here’s a line from her hit song: “la di die” feat.  jxdn:

I’ll be dead at twenty-seven/Only nine more years to go

Singer/songwriter Barrett has posted on social media that the song “touches on how fame is dramatised and something most people wish for, when in reality, it’s a dark and evil place.”

My depression and misconceptions
And all the mistakes that lead to lessons

Despite the downer lyrics, the song is hauntingly beautiful; there’s a pleading in Barrett’s vocals made all the more striking by the mood setting quality of her voice, a quality she shares with Dusty Springfield’s “The Look Of Love” (from the James Bond thriller “Casino Royale”) plus there are parts of Barrett’s vocal style and approach that are similar to Springfield’s.

“la di die” feat. Jxdn, also a Tik Tok star, and whom Barrett credits as bringing the song to life, is charting #15 on Alternative and #30 on Top 40.

It’s good to be 18 y/o:  On February 1st,  Boomer Music Update  posted about about 18 year old Olivia Rodrigo and her song “Drivers License,” which has become one the biggest hits, so far, in 2021.