Fueled by a retro funk rhythm, rapper/hip-hop/pop star Lizzo’s “Juice” is making its way on both Top 40 and Adult Top 40 music charts.

It’s a hot track, the vocals are high velocity and the lyrics are all over the place from poetic to silly:

It ain’t my fault that I’m out here makin’ news
I’m the pudding in the proof
Gotta blame it on my juice

I be drippin’ so much sauce/ gotta been lookin’ lookin’ like Ragu (Ooh baby)

Lizzo is charismatic, with an eye catching persona; she’s  been referred to as the “female Bruno Mars.”  A great compliment.

In 1990, the Italian group Black Box, with lead singer Martha Wash, had a hit with  “Everybody Everybody,” which has a similar melodic vibe and the rhythmic energy of “Juice.”

Both of those songs are hyper-sexual, as are the videos, and speaking of videos, the one for “Juice” is a must see.  It’s a love story to Lizzo’s youthful beauty: her dazzling smile, abundant hair, dewy skin, she exudes adorableness and confidence, a good example of how definitions of beauty and sex appeal have evolved to be more inclusive.  Lizzo is a large woman, she’s fine with it, and so are we.

Lizzo Stats:

Born:  Melissa Viviane Jefferson in Detroit, MI, she’s 31 years old, went to grade school in Houston, moved to the Twin Cites about eight years ago. She started young and is a seasoned pro.