Remember how in the early 80s “Flash Dance” became a big thing: the torn sweatshirt etc., Jennifer Beals’ frenetic dancing in the movie, Irene Cara making “Flash Dance/What A Feeling” from the soundtrack a hit?

Both movie and and song communicated intensity, high energy, a can- do spirit. They had vocal power and a physical presence.

Which brings us to Pink.

It’s difficult to name another singer who has included performance art and physicality into her music as much as Pink has. Jennifer Beals flash danced; Pink swings on a trapeze and somersaults like Spiderman down the glass wall of a skyscraper, as she did at the American Music Awards last month, immediately taking center stage on social media.

Her latest, the in-your-face “Beautiful Trauma,” has the same physicality, intensity, and power of Jennifer Beals/Irene Cara’s “Flash Dance” and there’s a dramatic thread and melody that runs through both songs igniting the listeners emotions and imagination.

When “Beautiful Trauma” was released a few weeks ago, radio airplay exploded. Today’s it’s #17 on the Adult Top 40  music chart.