Even though “Whatever Lola wants (Lola gets)” is ancient, most Boomers know what that song sounds like, which is—pretty unique.  Really hard to to capture that perfect mix of the performer’s personality and style, the band, and the right song all coming together with sufficient impact that it becomes part of the culture.

Not to say that “Havana” by  Camila Cabello is in the “Lola” category, nevertheless, it’s “Latin,” (her roots are both Mexican and Cuban), the song’s got “that something,” it’s sensuous, sinuous and slinky, there’s a vibrant, exotic video.  It’s like “Lola” only updated to sound like a hip, Top 40 song. It sends out positive vibes.  I felt good when I listened to it.

In retrospect, it’s surprising how menacing “Lola” was:

I always get what I aim for

And your heart and soul is what I came for

What ever Lola wants

Lola gets

Take off your coat

Don’t you know you can’t win

You’re no exception to the rule

I’m irresistible you fool

Unlike “Havana” which is mostly “I have half my heart in Havana,” wiggle, wiggle, ooh and ahh.

Camila Cabello is 20-years old.  She’s been singing and writing since she was 15. In 2012 she was a runner up on “X Factor,” then joined the girl-group Fifth Harmony, won a slew of awards including VMA’s, American Music Awards and Teen Choice; she has since gone solo.

“Havana” is currently top 20  on Top 40 radio.

We live in tough times, the kind that can be  draining;  a song like “Havana” is a recharge.  Wiggle Wiggle.