30-year old rap artist Bryce Vine titled his Top 40 hit “Drew Barrymore” because she’s the type of girl he likes: “she’s kind of cool, she’s kind of sweet, she’s cute, she’s got her own thing, funny.”

That description fits Drew Barrymore, but the song is really raunchy, and might be out of some Boomer’s musical comfort zone. The link below is to the “clean” version.

Bryce Vine is the real thing: he earned a scholarship to the esteemed Berklee College of Music–but still–this is a rap song: The syntax, the slang and code words are meant for a younger crowd, however… BoomerMusicUpdate’s mission is to keep readers connected to today’s music and the world that it reflects.

By comparison, 1981’s “Bette Davis Eyes,” by Kim Carnes, was pretty tame.

“Drew Barrymore” is a hit, ranking #18 on the Top 40 music chart, and has over 14 million You-Tube views.