The Weeknd has a (highly anticipated) album drop planned, albeit without a  title or release date, so fans are making-do with two new, single tracks, “Heartless” and Blinding Lights”—each song generated millions of Youtube views and streams within hours of its release.

And both songs are charting:  “Heartless” recently hit #1 on Rhythmic Top 40 and “Blinding Lights” is picking up momentum: #11 on Top 40 and #20 on Adult Top 40.

With its 80’s throwback feel, “Blinding Light” is getting compared to 1985’s  A-Ha hit “Take On Me” but there’s also some Michael Jackson influence–.the energy of “Beat It” is fused in the production.

“Blinding Light” is a song that’s more than the sum of its parts: the story-line is familiar i.e. a man loves a woman, but not in a traditionally romantic way, rather, in a ”Beat It” kind-of–way: tough and kinetic, black leather, speeding cars, cigarettes.

The lyrics are intelligent and adult-like, but it’s the combo of delivery, voice, vibe, and intent that makes this song outstanding.

Both songs are long: “Blinding Light” is 4:22; “Beat It” clocks in at 4:58.

Note: the song’s video is scary and literally bloody, a psychedelic fantasy that has generated thousands of comments!