New York brothers Adam, Jack and Ryan Metzger, aka AJR, have an unbeatable combo:  they work hard and have talent. Their “BANG!” is fun, wild, intense, energetic–it burned up the Alt chart, reaching “top-three,” and is currently #6 on Adult Top 40 and #10 on Top 40.
Bang is a powerful, popular word, and it’s open to many interpretations…
AJR’s story line is autobiographical, charting the trajectory of the brothers as they left home, got apartments, paid taxes, did the things that lead to full adult-hood. Their  “BANG!” is a hit up side the head with reality.
I get up, I get down, and I’m jumpin’ around
And the rumpus and ruckus are comfortable now
Been a hell of a ride, but I’m thinking it’s time to grow
Bang! Bang! Bang!
So I got an apartment across from the park
Put quinoa in my fridge…
Been a hell of a ride, but I’m thinking it’s time to go
Bang! Bang! Bang!  Here we go!
The word “bang” has sparked a long list of songs, from Cher’s 60’s hit “Bang Bang” which was a literal “bang, you’re dead” to Todd Rundgren’s desire to “Bang The Drum All Day”as an alternative to working or other labor-intensive activity, to the 70’s T-Rex rocker’s “Bang A Gong (Get It On)”  4+ minutes of music as a stand-in for hot sex.
AJR bg:
They don’t fit easily into a category, and have been described as: electronic, pop, doo-wop, dubstep, indie pop, and electropop.
2005: Created a homemade sound from their Manhattan apartment
2012:  First album released2017:  Their “Sober Up” hit #1 on Alt format (BMU 1/17/2018)