Joan Jett’s rowdy “I Love Rock N’ Roll” set a high bar for female rockers, and “Drunk (and I Don’t Wanna Go Home)” has that same level of hell bent for leather intensity and attitude.

Country superstar Miranda Lambert and singer/songwriter/actress Elle King stomp, wail and energize with lots of in-your-face sass.

It would be hard to top “Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock N’ Roll (really, who could?) but that’s OK, we’re happy to take a ride with this hard-driving duo.

I got some money in my pocket, got some trouble on my tail

I can hear the doors are knocking, guess I’m heading off the rails

I got some new best friends forever, see, I met ’em at the bar

Where the whiskey goes down better, when they don’t know who you are

You like my gin and tonic kisses, ’cause you know they taste so sweet

And I know you got your missus, but there ain’t no one like me

Both women are tough, fiery, fierce and committed. The clipped lyrics that add to the energy are balanced by a lyrical hook, a great beat, and the song’s overall musicality.

The video could be better, so just focus on the sound, in fact, turn it up as loud as you would for Joan Jett’s “I Love N’ Roll” and …just…go with it.

“Drunk (and I Don’t Wanna Go Home) is charting #23 on the Adult Top 40 format.