Everybody’s talkin’ ’bout sex
Everybody’s talkin’ ’bout ex
Like no one really wants to find a genuine connect
Before they even look at you, they move on to the next

Last Nov., we raved about 19-year old Australian phenom Toni Watson, also known as Tones and I, who went from busking to international stardom with last year’s “Dance Monkey,” her #1 breakout hit; here’s her follow-up– “Ur So CoOl” –serious lyrics and timeless topics presented in Tones and I’s bubbly, playful delivery.

Walk into a party, feelin’ out of place
Everyone’s too cool, everyone’s too fake
I try to start a conversation but I can’t seem to relate
Yo, I’m about to get an Uber

Except for the reference to Uber, Tones and I’s teen angst is similar to what you and I, and millions of Boomers experienced, back in the 60s, when Lesley Gore’s “It’s My Party,”  “Judy’s Turn To Cry” and “Maybe I Know” expressed our own feelings of anger, outrage and hurt.

Times have changed.

Lesley Gore, also a teenage star, was heavy on drama and emotion, the feminine lingua franca of the day;  Tones and I isn’t having any of that — her delivery is lighthearted and uncomplicated –she uses humor to create a whole other “teen angst” experience.

“Ur So CoOl”  is # 38 on the Top 40 chart.