We can do anything if we put our minds to it

Take your whole life then you put a line through it

My love is yours if you’re willing to take it

Give me your heart ‘cause I ain’t gonna break it

If those lyrics excite you, just wait till you hear the whole song:  “Eastside.”

Multi-talented producer, writer and musician Benny Blanco  has joined forces with singer, songwriter and actress Halsey and brilliant singer/songwriter Khalid (who just turned 21 last week) to create “Eastside,” which  exploded on Top 40 (currently #2)  and is also charting Top Ten on Adult Top.

The “Eastside” story line is young love–maybe even first love, one of life’s milestones that each generation expresses in its own way, but that’s still relatable by audiences of all ages, no matter the era.

Today’s versions are more in your face than earlier generations, but the message is essentially the same.  Barbara Mason’s 1965 sweet and innocent “Yes, I’m Ready”  was so good it  became a Top 40 hit all over again,15 years later,  when it was covered by Teri DeSario of KC & The Sunshine Band.

Benny Blanco is a BoomerMusicUpdate “Personal Fave,” and not just because his songs are hip and excellent, and not just because he’s warm and charming; beyond his lovable teddy-bear appeal, he shares a very loving heart and soul.