Elton John’s “I Don’t Care” is classic Top 40: upbeat, bubbly and infectious, with a simple, positive message:  no matter what the world throws at ’em, as long as they’re with “their baby” they just “don’t care.”

Times and trends change, but sentiments such as those, do not.

“I Don’t Care” was a cut on John’s 12th album (1978),  “A Single Man,” and was never released as a single.

The brand new “I Don’t Care” by Ed Sheeran (Sir Elton’s protege) and Justin Bieber has  “Top 40’s” energy and youthful spirit, and a similar sentiment: “When I’m with my baby, everything’s OK” and it’s bound to be Really Big: “The Biebs” last  collaboration, four years ago, “Love Yourself,” went “Top-5” on the music charts, and we expect this new entry to go even higher.