Loretta Lynn is 86-years and she’s releasing her 41st album today.

The title song, “Wouldn’t It Be Great?” is, in fact, a (sort of) great song, and her voice is (almost) as good as ever, like, scary strong for her age.

Listening to “Wouldn’t it be Great?” brought me to tears, it so perfectly captures Lynn’s spirit, still passionate but not strident, now there’s a softness around the edges that she didn’t have before, the kind that comes by living a long time.

Lynn was born an artist, and she, like other great artists, don’t “retire,” they just create until they can’t. She’s had her share of sorrow and tragedy, and more recently, serious health issues, including a stroke, but here, in this song, she is transcendent.

“Wouldn’t It Be Great?” reminds me a bit of Johnny Cash’s end of life albums–his raggedy voice expressed so much.

Unfortunately, “Wouldn’t it be Great?” doesn’t fit today’s radio formats, so it probably won’t get the the airplay and exposure it deserves.

The album has 13 songs including fresh versions of “Coal Miners Daughter” and “Don’t come Home a-Drinkin’ (with lovin’ on your mind).”

6 Degrees of Separation

The album was produced by John Carter Cash and Lynn’s daughter, Patsy Lynn Russell.


The esteemed TV network CMT (County Music Television) is honoring Loretta Lynn with the “Artist of a Lifetime Award” on Wed. Oct 17th. Sissy Spacek, who played Lynn in the movie biopic “Coal Miner’s Daughter,” will present the award.

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