Before you automatically disregard “Here Tonight” just because it’s Country, be aware that it’s not very corny, and it isn’t at all “Bro-Country,” rather, it’s uplifting and up-tempo with a positive and energizing chorus and melody, and the lyrics and overall sentiment is  singer/songwriter Brett Young is in love with his woman, and wants to be with her.

It’s romantic, but not sappy, sexy but not nasty–just right for a cold, snowy night, the two-of- you wrapped in a blanket on the sofa, in the glow of the Christmas tree lights.  It’s that kind of song.

Is it personal?  Brett Young was recently married.. …maybe this is an ode to his new bride? R.O.M.A.N.T.I.C.! 

Young grew up in Anaheim, California, briefly pursued a baseball career, and now he’s a Nashville darling:  He delivered four consecutive #1 Country songs off his self-titled debut album. His second album, “Ticket to L.A,.” which features the current single “Here Tonight,”  is being released today.