In 2007,  British department store chain John Lewis Partners began what is now their annual, traditional, Christmas TV ad campaign:  Various singers perform cover versions of popular songs– for example, the company’s employees sang The Beatles’ “From Me To You” in the 2008 ad.

This year features Elton John!  He’s the first artist to cover his own song, so to speak. He’s sings 1970’s “Your Song” with a new heart-melting video with a message:  You never know when a Christmas gift to a child helps open up his/her world, and jump-starts a life trajectory, in this case, a little blond boy who wears glasses gets his first piano…

“Rocket Man” the Elton bio-pic hits screens in 2019.

Happy Holidays to you, our loyal readers.  We’ll be back Jan 4th connecting the best new music to our shared/collective past.