The first issue of Billboard magazine, oft described as “the bible” of the music business, was published in1894 and their famous “Top 100” debuted August 4th, 1958, with “Poor Little Fool” by 18-year old Ricky Nelson in the vaunted #1 slot, and sounding vastly different than this week’s #1, which is Drake’s “In My Feelings.”

From tracking sheet music sales through a myriad of technological advances and numerous chart incarnations, the well-known “Billboard Top 100” has endured.

Today the weekly rankings are a combo of sales, radio play and streaming.

To honor the occasion, SiriusXM (Channel 716 on line, Channel 3 in cars) is playing every number one song from the past 60 years.

They started on Tues. (July 31st) and continue through the weekend. When we last checked, they were at 2013 (Lorde/ “Royals).  When they hit 2018, they’ll start all over again.