Yesterday, Aug. 15, was Woodstock’s 50th anniversary, a major milestone in the history of American pop-culture.

Nearly half a million Boomers overwhelmed roads and services, endured  mud and  muck, and lived to tell their children and grandchildren what it was like to be “at Woodstock.”

Woodstock co-creator Michael Lang attempted to stage a 50th anniversary celebratory event, but it never jelled.  Instead there will be be a “3 Day Celebration of Woodstock” in Bethel, New York, near the original 1969 site.

Unlike the “original,” this one is carefully and “travel passes” required, so no crashing.

There will be a special night-time performances from John Fogerty and Carlos Santana… Woodstock originals.

Here’s Santana’s incredible performance at Woodstock, 50 years ago.

Also, “American Experience” on PBS is a “must see.”  What really went on behind the scenes at Woodstock 50 years ago .

And a Boomer Music Update shout out to Memphis—It’s “Elvis Week!”. The King died Aug. 16th 1977–42 years ago, when he was 42 years old.