Choices Abound for Excellent Music Documentaries:
Bruce Springsteen – Letter To You (Apple TV) 
Clive Davis – The Soundtrack of Our Lives (Netflix)
Keith Richards – Under The Influence (Netflix)
Quincy – Quincy Jones (Netflix)
David Foster – Off The Record (Netflix
The Black Godfather (Netflix)
Hitsville USA: The Making Of Motown (Showtime/Amazon Prime) 
History Of The Eagles (Amazon Prime)
Woodstock (3 Days That Defined A Generation) (Amazon Prime)
The Wrecking Crew (Amazon Prime)
Standing In The Shadows Of Motown (Amazon Prime) 
Amazing Grace – Aretha Franklin (Hulu)
Janis – (Hulu)
Elvis Presley – The Searcher (Hulu)
Glen Campbell – I’ll Be Me (Hulu)
Respect Yourself Stax Records Story (youtube)
Laurel Canyon (EPIX)
And this exceptional Gordon Lightfoot story, recently released on Amazon Prime.