How can it happen that there’s a “new” Roy Orbison record when he’s been dead for almost 30-years? (Dec. 6th, 1988.)

It can happen happen thanks to brilliant production and advanced technology.

“Unchained Melodies: Roy Orbison with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra” combines Orbison’s one-of-a-kind original vocals with new arrangements by the prestigious and renowned London orchestra.

Country artist Cam did the high tech studio work and she and Roy sing a duet, “Heartbreak Radio.” ┬áThe vocals were culled from Orbison’s final album, a collection of demo’s and master sessions issued in 1992.

Hearing him sing, from the early Sam Phillips/Sun Records days to 1988’s “You Got It,” his last hit, is a reminder that Roy Orbison was really something. A voice like no other.