Bruce Springsteen was 7-years old when he watched Elvis Presley make rock n’ roll history on  the Ed Sullivan show, a memorable  Sunday night that many baby-boomers  remember and which impacted Springsteen so strongly that he included the experience in his hit show “Springsteen on Broadway.”

As the Boss has been quoted: “Everything starts and ends with Elvis.”

To Springsteen’s many fans, The Boss has had as similar and inspirational effect on them as Elvis had on him.

Last December he wrapped up  “Springsteen on Broadway,” closing more than a year long residency.  If you missed one of the 236 performances, for which Springsteen received a special Tony Award, it’s on Netflix.

(The clip below is terrific!)

We Are Mourning Eddie Money and Ric Ocasek.

Their music rocked our world.

Eddie had just turned 70; Ric was 75.  Each brought us hours of joy with their originality, energy and musical visions.