Two days after last February’s Grammy Awards ceremony and parties, while the stars were still in L.A., a roster of diverse musical talent came together to honor the 40th Anniversary of The Bee Gees legendary album “Saturday Night Fever.”

Performers included Stevie Wonder, Celine Dion, Keith Urban, John Legend and Little Big Town. CBS-TV aired the show on April 16th, and it was the #1 most watched show that night.

Barry Gibb, the lone surviving Bee Gee, sang “You Should Be Dancing” and took part as all the assembled artists performed “Stayin’ Alive.”

White jacketed John Travolta pointed out that while it has been 40 years since “Saturday Night Fever,” its been 50 years since the Bee Gees debuted on American radio, followed by an incredible string of hits, including 1969’s “First Of May”—May Day—next Monday.

It’s a beautiful, delicate, graceful song, perfect for Spring, and a reminder of how talented and gifted the Bee-Gees were.