Journey is out on tour but former lead singer Steve Perry isn’t with them, because he left the band in 1998, having no plans, at that time, to continue his music career.

Fast forward to summer 2018; Perry’s back in the studio, recording the just released  “No Erasin,’” his first new song in 20 years.

It’s apparent Perry has re-discovered his love for music and singing.  This is a heartfelt song about reuniting and reigniting with a long-lost love, which means it includes references to youth:

It’s been so long since we’re together
In the back seat of your car

and it’s also about maturity:

My soul’s burnin’
Just like it was before

“No Erasin’” is  getting a good reception on Adult Contemporary radio, ranking #20 this week.

Watching the the video was..surprising…Perry ( a Boomer) is almost  70-years old, so he looks… different… than his old rocker self, but he still has that distinctive voice, so after a moment of  disconnect,  he spun his magic, giving me, and millions of fellow Baby  Boomer Journey fans, a small-time rush.

‘No Erasin” is on the album “Traces,” set for release in early October.

BTW, there’s an insightful, detailed, fascinating NYT’s Steve Perry interview by Alex Pappademas.