The American Music Awards  are like a college survey course:  there’s enough of an overview that you get the big picture.

After watching the show, which airs Tues. night at 8  on ABC, you’ll be up to speed not only on today’s music scene–the songs and the artists, but you’ll also have have gotten bits and pieces of politics, fashion, and other cultural trends.

The subtext of this year’s show is the artist Drake.

He’s tied with Cardi B  for the most nominations–eight.

He’s in the lead to win Artist Of The Year.

His current CD, “Scorpion,” is nominated for  “Favorite Pop/Rock Album” AND “Favorite “Rap/Hip Hop Album.”

Over the summer, Drake made headlines when he scored seven songs in Billboards “Top 100,” beating the previous record of five (The Beatles).

His massive hit “God’s Plan,” also nominated in both the Pop/Rock and “Rap/Hip Hop” categories, debuted at #1 earlier this year on the “Top 100,” which is only the 29th time that’s happened in the chart’s 60 year history.

HAHAHAHA!   “Seniors” react to Drakes “God’s Plan” video…the one where he gives out almost a million dollars in cash to strangers, because they are in need and/or because he has a big heart and wants to be generous.