Willie Nelson turned 87 y/o two days ago, and that’s probably the nicest thing that’s happened in the whole USA in the whole month of April, as most of us love Willie Nelson–for his music, for who he is as a person, because he’s from Texas…

… he has a brand new album out, with new songs, ready to go.  “First Rose of Spring” was set for release last Friday, but that’s been postponed until July 3rd.

Here’s the title song, about a lifetime of love. It’s s-l-o-w and thoughtful, poignant and sentimental; it’s not a great song, and his voice is weak, but Willie’s “just OK” is still worthwhile.  He’s is a national treasure, and we’re lucky to have had him around for so long.

At the polar opposite, as far as tunes go, is this fun-loving, hale and hearty, star studded happy birthday song to Willie, organized  by singer/songwriter and Boomer Music Update fave Nathaniel Rateliff, who has created a virtual fiesta of fun that includes Bobbie Nelson, Willie’s sons, Lukas and Micah,  Nikki Lane, Mickey Raphael, Courtney Marie Andrews, and Rateliff’s band The Night Sweats, all of it recorded a la quarantine, meaning it’s virtual and followed social distancing guidelines, and is, nonetheless, joyous and full of good cheer.

Pass me that joint it’s Willie’s birthday
Wipe away all of your tears
Well the worlds gone crazy
But we still got Willie
And all the good things he’s done for us here