When a writer describes his song as an “ode to the broken ones” you could logically conclude that the song will be dark, hurtful, and sad.


“Broken” by Lovelytheband is chirpy, sweet, upbeat and positive.  Two broken spirits, connecting…

I like that you’re broken
Broken like me
Maybe that makes me a fool
I like that you’re lonely
Lonely like me
I could be lonely with you
Loneliness and love have  always been themes in music, from opera and classical to jazz, rock and pop –it sure worked well for The Young Rascals in 1967 when they hit Top 40 pay dirt with one of their many white soul hits, “I’ve Been Lonely Too Long.”

“Broken” is top 10 on the Alternative chart

Lovelytheband is a trio formed in L.A. in 2016, and is led by Michey Collins, who explains:  “Everyone is a little bit broken inside…this song is an ode to the broken ones.”