It says a lot about The Killers, that Lindsey Buckingham is lending and unleashing his guitar playing prowess to “Caution,” their “out of the box” hit that’s #3 on the Alt chart and #4 on Adult Alt.

There’s an 80s/90s melodic link between “Caution” and songs by Springsteen, U2, and others, especially  noticeable on Dire Strait’s rock and pop sensation, “Walk of Life” (1985).

“Caution” and “Walk of Life” are both exuberant, spontaneous, and intense,  even though their story lines differ:  for ”Walk of Life” it’s  all good, however, the story line for “Caution“ isn’t good at all—it’s not “dire”—just darker.

Her momma was a dancer
And that’s all that she knew
‘Cause when you live in the desert
It’s what pretty girls do

 If I don’t get out
Out of this town
I just might be the one who finally burns it down

Content aside, as many of us practice social distancing, just listening to “Walk of Life” could be a good and healthy option, and apparently a lot of people do so, via YouTube, because that song has almost 154 million views.

We love The Killers.  It’s been 3+ years since we highlighted these Las Vegas rockers*, a 4-man band that’s been together since 2001.

They drop their newest project “Imploding the Mirage,” late May; it includes, among other guests, the above mentioned Lindsey Buckingham, and k.d. lang.