There’s a long history of songs that aim to capture the sights, sounds  moods and emotions  of “City” life, from Rogers and Hart’s “Manhattan” to Stevie Wonder’s “Living For The City” to Frank  Sinatra’s “New York New York” …and the tradition continues…

Enter one of our Boomer Music Update favorite acts, The Lumineers, with the most current take on the urban experience; their “Life In The City”  is #4 on Adult Alt radio and picking up significant support at Alt,  where it’s listed at #25

This song is luminescent, lyrical, it shimmers with mood. The actual words are pretty abstract, and without the song’s accompanying video my listening to it would be a melange of both earthly and unearthly images of my own imagination, however the accompaning video directs us to a sad case of a bad bar pickup and  loneliness of the worst kind with images ranging from cocaine to conception.

Something about those “City” songs:  Remember how fabulously wonderful “You Belong To The City” was? Glenn Frey, the  late Eagles singer/songwriter co-wrote it for  the TV show “Miami Vice” in 1985. That open!  What a stylized, suave, intense groovey mood piece it was.