In 1968, the early years of the modern feminist movement, 22 y/o Dolly Parton’s “Just Because I’m a Woman,” her desire-cum-demand for acceptance and equal treatment, reached top 25 on Billboard’s Country chart, and while times have changed—(hello, Kamala Harris)—sexism lingers, and 17-year old newcomer Callista Clark’s breakout hit, “It’s Cause I Am” sings all about it.

Co-written by Clark, “It’s Cause I Am” has strong lyrics, an excellent melody, a hook filled chorus, and a tough, Gretchen Wilson in-your-face attitude.

You want a one-dimensional woman/It’s okay, I understand

I seem too complicated for ya,mm/It’s ’cause I am

I been reading the same book
But we ain’t on the same page

 Clark was born in Georgia, wrote her first song at 11, and signed a record deal at 15. “It’s Cause I Am” is #28 on this week’s Country chart.