Nashville newcomer Lainey Wilson’s delivery is sweet and ladylike, which belies the strong and straightforward message in her current Country hit, “Things A Man Oughta Know.”

 If I can’t have it, I can do without
I can hang a picture same as I can take it down
And how to keep it hidden when a heart gets broke
Yeah, I know a few things a man oughta know

The song tells a good story and has a clever hook, and while Wilson’s voice and style sound like “traditional” Country, the story-line and attitude are up to the minute and modern…

…which makes re-listening to Sandy Posey’s 1966 little-girl-voice lament in “Born a Women” all the more painful!

And if you’re born a woman
You’re born to be hurt 
You’re born to be stepped on
Lied to, cheated on 
And treated like dirt

Wilson will have none of that, proclaiming she “can hook a trailer on a two inch-hitch”
along with “shooting a shotgun and catching a fish.”

Lainey Wilson:   29 y/o born in Louisiana, began writing songs when she was 11 y/o.

“Things A Man Oughta Know” is #15 on the Country music chart.