Action flick “Battle Angel Alita” hit screens last week on Valentines Day, and while it’s too early to tell how the film will fare at the box office over the next several months, one thing is clear, the movie has a hit song in its soundtrack:  “Swan Song,” by  Dua Lipa, is already top 20 on the top 40 chart.

23-year old Dua Lipa is an English singer of Albanian heritage–she’s had top 10 hits in England, and, earlier this month she won the Grammy for “Best New Artist.”

There’s an energy and power behind “Swan Song” and also a connection to the chorus of the track that recalls the sound and feel of Pat Benatar’s monster hit “Love Is A Battlefield” (1983).

While Dua Lipa’s story-line is generalized angst about the human condition, and Pat Benatar’s is tethered to a relationship, both are basically existentialist outbursts put to song with noticeable angst, passion, and aggression, with both singers supported by a strong, in-your-face female posse.

Dua Lipa’s video is loaded with Sci-Fi  CGG while Benatar’s is all 80’s in-your-face feminist strut and style.

More about Dua Lipa:

•. First female artist to ever receive 5 Brit Award nominations in one year.

•. She Is currently at work on her second album.

•. Her debut release included “New Rules,” which went #1.