In 2018 Bebe Rexha teamed up with top-of -the-line Country group Florida Georgia Line on “Meant To Be,” a hit that went to #1 on Top 40, Adult Top 40 AND Country charts.

That’s a rare accomplishment, and it confirmed the multi-talents of 28-year old Rexha, a singer, songwriter and producer

“I’m A Mess” makes it clear we all have our foibles and issues and that’s totally okay. Even someone as young, beautiful and talented as Bebe Rexha can feel like a mess, sometimes, just like the rest of us. This makes her relatable!

Rexha has has worked with top acts in various genres, but now she recording solo. “I’m A Mess” is the first single from her debut album “Expectations.” It’s medium tempo with intelligent lyrics, and a weird video.

In 1997 Meredith Brooks was also young young, beautiful and talented when she released her smash one-hit-wonder “Bitch” that dealt with a (sort of) similar topic.

“I’m A Mess” is charting top 15 on the Top 40 chart.