I’ve been havin’ dreams

Jumpin’ on a trampoline

Flippin’ in the air

I never land, just float there

As I’m looking up

Suddenly the sky erupts

Flames alight the trees

Spread to fallin’ leaves

Now they’re right upon me

That would be Chelsea Lee, of the Washington, DC  trio Shaed (pronounced Shade) singing “Trampoline” a massive hit on Alternative radio that’s now breaking into Adult Top 40.

“Trampoline” isn’t literal, rather, it communicates a mood and a vibe, and while the  tempo is slower, it  shares DNA with Blondie’s 1980 “The Tide is High,” especially in the lead vocals.

The video is weird, as is the song. In real life,  Chelsea Lee looks normal and natural, but here she’s very made-up, wigged, and wrapped in chiffon.  Artsy.