R&B with a pop melody is a formula that worked for Evelyn “Champagne” King’s 1982 hit “Love Come Down,” a 6-minute and 15-second long languid lapse into lovers lane, and that same formula–R&B with a pop melody–still works today, and though their lyrics differ, you can hear the connection on “Supalonely” the breakout single by 20-year old New Zealand singer/songwriter Benee.

“Supalonely” is tres moderne:  a white person’s hip-hoppy choppy delivery, light and airy, a handful of expletives, sexy enough, the words are easy to understand, and the relationship it describes is vague, just like relationships that people who are 20 years old today have.

I’m a sad girl, in this big world
It’s a mad world

In 1982, 38-years ago, relationships and gender roles were more clearly defined than they are today, women’s language was significantly less slutty, and, apparently, songs were really long.

“Supalonely” features a verse by New York singer/songwriter Gus Dapperton.

It’s ranking  #22 on Top 40 and #35 on Adult Top 40 charts.

Note how apt the title is for sheltering in place:  “Supralonely.”