Apparently, April and Sept. are the two most popular months for pop songs to sing about:  i.e. “April Showers” and Carole King’s “It Might As Well Rain Until September.”

The ne plus ultra of them all?  “April Love” by Pat Boone.  White bucks.  White teeth.  White bread.  A smooth, seductive voice.

The oldest Boomers were just entering junior-high when Oscar nominated “April Love” was #1 on our local Top 40 radio stations.

It’s not a song in high rotation in probably anybody’s play-list, but it still sounds great, and we  loved hearing it again, despite its overly romantic and blatantly sexist story line.  Who can resist that huge cold open, and later, the big crescendo?

Pat Boone was right for his time, and for that, he has have a permanent place in our heart.