Elvis had already been around for four years, in 1959,  and the Beatles were still five years away, when 15 y/o Fabian Forte became an overnight sensation, a teen idol, with a run of Top 40 hits, the biggest being “Tiger.”

Fast forward 61 years and we again have an overnight “Tiger” sensation that also captivated millions:  The Netflix documentary “The Tiger King,” which tells the tale of one-time zoo operator Joe Exotic, currently serving prison time on convictions of a murder for hire plot and also for animal abuse.

All this top-of-mind “tiger” activity motivated Fabian, who has always had a strong stance against animal abuse, to go back into the studio and record an updated version of the original “Tiger,” (which BTW, was a million-seller), and he’ll donate a portion of the song’s proceeds to Big Cat Reserves and Education Centers including Cedar Cove Feline sanctuary and Education Center.

You couldn’t make this up.