Fellow Boomers, are we in for a rock star “bio-pic” every year until we all die off, sometime around 2050 or so?

Last year’s paean to rock n’ roll, “Bohemian Rhapsody,” had it all:  an Oscar winning song, box office boffo, great performances by the stars.

Maybe “Rocketman” will have that much success, too–the reviewers are raving –the trailer is a “mini-movie” –2 1/2 minutes about how a nerdy nobody becomes a rich, famous rock star, overcoming personal and professional obstacles, touching on self-reinvention, talent, and unimaginable success, in addition to the usual sex (ambiguous), drugs (lots) and rock and roll, courtesy of Sir Elton, who btw, has announced his three year farewell tour with a 2021 wrap date.

“Rocketman” has been 20-years in the making!  After numerous hiccups,various studios and directors, script revisions and other stops and starts, it’s finally here, and opens today.