“Know Music, Know Life

Russ Solomon founded Tower Records 60-years ago, built it into a powerhouse, than watched it vaporize.  The sole extant Tower is in Tokyo, and it’s thriving.

For millions of Boomers, Tower was the go-to for a new album the day it came out and for in-store appearances by top name artists and newcomers alike.

The stars aligned for Tower’s success:  a huge generation with money to buy records, almost every market had, or had access to, an AM Top 40 radio station, Madison Ave. was re-inventing advertising, and the rise of rock n’ roll.

And now, the resurrection of Tower Records.  Sort of.  It’s a website, partnering with artists, labels and brands, and aims to deliver an authentic music-store experience.

You can buy music, merch, subscribe to The Tower Pulse magazine, get connected to on-line music events and more. Browse at  towerrecords.com

Russ Solomon was 92 y/o when he  passed away two years ago.  This  was his quote: “Know Music, Know Life.”