Keeping Boomers In Touch With Today's Music

We connect a song from back-in-the-day to a current hit that has a similar sound/content/style.  You’ll be up to speed in 90-seconds.

Curated by Dave Sholin    |    Written by Lee Wade

Madonna’s Influence on Today’s Pop Stars

Numerous young female singers and songwriters cite Madonna as a key influence in their music, including 25-year old Ava Max, who co-wrote and sings her break-out global hit "Sweet but Psycho" --it's charted #1 in over 17 countries, including the trend setting UK and...

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Ingrid Andress: A New Voice With Something To Say

  Ingrid Andress, a sensational talent who studied at the famed Berklee College of music, released her first, fiery, in your face composition, "Lady Like," a feminist statement-song that re-defines "lady-like," on Youtube earlier this month, appropriately, on...

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The “Eyes” Have It

So many songs about eyes:  lying, dying, crying, all formats, genres, languages have songs about the eyes of others, the windows into the soul. "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" was a corny ballad with terrific hooks that was one of the top songs from 1967. Chase Rice's...

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Songs That Say, In the Most Elegant Way, “Man Wants Woman”

There's a reason that the Jonas Brothers' "Sucker" tallied 30 million+ Youtube views within two days of availability and became the 34th song in the history of Billboard's Hot 100 to debut at #1:  It's  smooth, silky, sexy, sensuous, and snappy with a story line that...

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Happy 75th Birthday to “The Supreme” Diana Ross

Diana Ross turns 75-years old on Tues.--technically, she's not a Baby Boomer, however, she's an "Honorary Boomer" because she and her music are embedded in our shared generational memory. Of all the girl groups in that era, The Supremes (Florence Ballard, Mary Wilson...

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Duets That Work: Sam Smith & Normani

     In 2015, British singer/songwriter Sam Smith won Grammys for Best New Artist and his debut hit, "Stay With Me," won for both Song and Record of the Year.  Since then, there have been several more hit singles and two number one albums.      His newest, "Dancing...

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Ariana Grande: The Bases Are Loaded

OMG! Ariana Grande has tied with the Beatles for a remarkable achievement:  Simultaneously having the #1, #2, and #3 slots on the Billboard Top 100, a record held by the Beatles since 1964, just as first wave Baby Boomers were graduating high school, and listening to:...

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 The Wonder That is George Strait

George Strait isn't now and never was "hip or "cool" in the way that Johnny Cash was or Willie Nelson is--rather he is more like a "Stepford Wife" version of a "Country Star" whose clean living, solid marriage, clever, neo-traditonal songs, strong voice and handsome...

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