Keeping Boomers In Touch With Today's Music

We connect a song from back-in-the-day to a current hit that has a similar sound/content/style.  You’ll be up to speed in 90-seconds.

Curated by Dave Sholin    |    Written by Lee Wade

Retro Feel with Contemporary Flair

  If the 70s had a soundtrack, Al Green would be in it, perhaps with “Call Me,” one of his biggest hits, and lucky are the fans of that down-home-soul-sound, because that glorious style and feel is getting exposure to a new generation via acts like Alabama Shakes,...

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Ariana Grande: Keeping It Real (and why you need to know her)

  Ariana Grande is a 25-year-old Top 40 star named by Time Magazine as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the world in 2016. Billboard Magazine named her 2018’s “Woman of the Year.”  She’s won a slew of top-notch awards: three #1 albums on the U.S. Billboard...

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New Roy Orbison Album Released Today! Be There or Be Square!

How can it happen that there's a "new" Roy Orbison record when he's been dead for almost 30-years? (Dec. 6th, 1988.) It can happen happen thanks to brilliant production and advanced technology. "Unchained Melodies: Roy Orbison with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra"...

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Classic Country: Heartbreak. Whiskey. A Honky-Tonk.

  Tim McGraw just released "Neon Church," his first solo single in two years, and it's already top 25 on the Country chart. I need a neon church with a jukebox choir Full of honky-tonk angels With their wings on fire *** In a neon church with the party crowd Where the...

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Too Cool

In the mood for a song that’s got a super charged, relentless, funky rhythm track with uber cool vocals and sounds? You can listen to 1987’s Grammy nominee for Best Pop Instrumental Performance “Pump Up The Volume" by one hit wonder group M/A/R/R/S… ...or you can join...

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The Rock-Star, The Girl and the “Pink Cadillac”

Many (most?) Boomers started driving when we were 16, an experience that many (most?) of today's 16-year olds do not share. And that's a crying shame, because if today's teens aren't driving around listening to rock n' roll on the radio, in real time (IRT), than they...

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Turning 16: One of Life’s Great Milestones

Turning “16” has been a big deal in pop and rock since the early days of Top 40 radio--"Only 16," "Sweet Little Sixteen", “16 Candles” (the song and the movie). It worked for Johnny Burnette with "You're Sixteen" (1960) and again in 1974 when Ringo Starr's cover...

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Shout Out to Lulu on Her 70th Birthday

Billboard named "To Sir With Love" 1967's number one song of the year (51 years ago). It was sung by Scottish singer/songwriter Lulu, and tomorrow she turns 70-years old. By the time she was in her teens, Lulu's group, The Luvvers, had hit it it big in the UK; when...

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The Glorious Sound of 60s and 70s Folk-Pop

In the 60s, when Folk melded with Pop, it gave the world Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, Buffalo Springfield, The Mamas & Papas and The Byrd’s. That genre has been re-molded over time; one of the groups with that folksy sound today is the award winning U.K....

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